Monday, July 21, 2008

Helpful facts and figures: Part 1 Decor - Centerpieces

We offer a variety of decor items on a complimentary basis. The following post will outline our house centerpieces.

We offer mirror tiles, white taper candles, hurricane globes and votives. The mirror tile is round with a beveled edge and measures 12" in diameter. Use it as part of our complimentary centerpieces or to accent your floral arrangements!

On top of the mirror, we place a taper candle holder. It will fit a standard size taper. We provide white and they are 12" tall. If you would like to bring your own colored candle, standard sizes 9" - 12" are fine. Please note that due to irregularities with hand-dipped candles, I recommend that you also plan to provide small pads to help make them fit better in the holders. If you would like to provide pillar candles instead, please also plan to provide bases for them.

The hurricane globe itself is 11 1/2" tall. It has a curvy shape to it but is about 5" in diameter at the top and bottom. It is open on both top and bottom so it cannot be used as a vase to hold water or small objects. It is slightly wider than that in the middle at it's widest point. It is about 4" in diameter at it's narrowest point. If you would like to provide some other type of candle and base, please make sure that they do not exceed the width of the globe.

The votives that we provide are frosted glass and pre-filled with a white candle. They are about 2" in diameter and 2" tall. We typically provide 3 or 4 per table based on how many other items will be placed. However, we can provide fewer or more depending on the look you are going for.

Here you can see the complete look before we've added any of your personal touches such as flower petals, favors, menu cards, etc.

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