Saturday, February 21, 2009

Interview with Ed Martinez, Executive Chef

Interview with Chef Ed Martinez:
Can you please share with us a little about your culinary background?
I began learning from my grandmother when I was very young. She was very creative and knowlegeable and she shared a lot of techniques and skills. This interested me and made me want to continue learning about new styles of cooking.
Tell us some more about your education.
I didn't go to culinary school per se. I learned everything I know from working with others. I got my professional start in the kitchens of large hotels including the Grand Hyatt, DC. I learned by watching executive chefs and taking the best part of their techniques while infusing my own personality into what I do to make it my own.
Speaking of other chef's, your personality is very pleasant and mild mannered without any of the ego and drama that we usually see in large kitchens. How do you explain this?
While I'm cooking, I'm also praying for God to keep me humble. There is love and passion in everything I prepare. I do this for my guests. Making our customers happy is what makes me happy. If they are happy, it makes me want to keep doing what I'm doing.
What is your favorite type of event to prepare for?
Cooking for weddings is the most fun. It reminds me of the Love Boat. Each event is a new episode and a new set of menu requests and personalities. Every weekend, we have the chance to wow a whole new group of people. When I leave at the end of the evening, I already know that they were happy with their food which makes it all worthwhile until the next weekend when I get to do it all over again.
Tell us something about the Ed outside of the kitchen. Please share a fun fact with us.
After being at work all day, when I can prepare anything that I want to eat, at home, I want something easy. My favorite after work foods are grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs. Easy, filling, and comforting.

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