Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A wedding to read about: Patrick and Casandra, September 26, 2009

Patrick and Casandra had their own sense of style and they wanted their wedding to reflect some of the things that made them unique. The result was a wedding that was definitely an original! What else would you expect from a couple that met working at a book store and shared a love of reading but a Scrabble themed event?

Patrick shows off his P for Patrick and C for Casandra cuff links. Meanwhile Casandra and the ladies are getting ready to make their appearances!

Patrick awaits his bride.

And here she comes!

What a happy couple!

Casandra and Patrick found numerous small ways to incorporate the Scrabble theme into the reception including tables named after the scrabble letters.

This is their signature quilt that they had made to use as an alternative to a guest book.

And their darling centerpiece arrangements complete with giant Scrabble letter tiles, Scrabble game boards and real Scrabble pieces mixed in with colored gems and table squares and runners.

Even the cake got a Scrabble make-over with large letter tiles on each side and normal sized letter tiles spelling out words such as "love" on the tiers.

Casandra and Patrick enjoyed their first dance and then enjoyed a served dinner with their guests.
Afterwards, they cut their cake using grandfather's sword.

As a special treat for the guests, Casandra and Patrick baked an entire cookie buffet! Yum!

The guests seemed to really enjoy themselves! Good thing that Scrabble tiles were nearby so they could express their feelings ; )

Later, the DJ broke out some glow sticks and the guests enjoyed playing with them. They also made a handy way to send Patrick and Casandra off in style.

Best wishes to Patrick and Casandra for a long and happy marriage!

Photos provided by photographer who has requested to be known only as "LG". Thank you for providing these great shots!

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