Friday, August 26, 2011

Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax welcomes local author John Gilstrap

Have you read Threat Warning yet? This thrilling novel by local author John Gilstrap kept my eyes glued to the page from the beginning to the end. It was my first introduction to his work and to him. John lives in the local area and has been writing novels for several years. But his personal life's story is just as interesting as the characters he writes about. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet him late July when we were chosen as the host hotel for a Hilton Garden Inn sponsored book signing and meet and greet with the author.

And just why, you may ask, was Hilton Garden Inn so interested in this particular story? As it turns out, John set a scene in a ficticious Hilton Garden Inn following an episode of outstanding customer service at real Hilton Garden Inn. That's a way to get the word out!

Thank you to our vendor sponsors. These gorgeous linens were provided courtesy of Gala Cloths by Dulaney and the fresh floral centerpieces were provided by Maryam Flowers. They looked fabulous that night and lasted forever. So long, in fact, I was able to have fresh flowers on my desk all week! Thank you both for making this event beautiful!

John is such a warm person and he's so easy to talk to. Here he is speaking with our General Manager, Steve Steinberg.

Amado offers up some yummy crab cakes! For those who are thirsty, we offered traditional martinis and our own variation called the Threatini featuring the juice of blood oranges. Delish!

Mmmmmm. Four flavors of mousse including my favorite - S'mores! I can't resist!

And of course, HGIs own Josh Thompson was on hand to tweet about the whole event as it was unfolding live.

Thank you to everyone who made this event a success and especially to John Gilstrap for joining us at this fun party!

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