Sunday, December 11, 2011

Include a photo shoot at DCs monuments to add panache to your wedding photos

Many couples planning their weddings in the DC area would like to take advantage of the unique photo opportunities Washington's monuments afford. Unfortunately, venues in DC that are in close proximity to the desired photo locations tend to be out of the financial grasp of most couples. Here are a few tips for how to get those monumental photos while staying within budget.

1. Consider venues with a view. Several venues in Arlington have high floor ballrooms looking into some of the most scenic parts of DC including the Doubletree Crystal City, Key Bridge Marriott, Sheraton National and Top of the Town. By selecting one of these venues, you can have the DC setting as a back drop for your wedding reception photos.

2. Build extra photo time into your day’s schedule. Many churches schedule ceremonies at 11 and 2 while many reception venues schedule parties at 12 and 6. There are two ways to work this to your advantage. Select the earlier ceremony and reception time in a convenient location such as Arlington and then head into DC afterward. You'll have plenty of opportunity to take your photos and depending on the time of year, possibly capitalize on the setting sun. Select the later ceremony time and you'll have an exaggerated break in between the ceremony and reception, sufficient time to get away for a photo shoot and return in time for the festivities. Again, choose ceremony and reception venues that are close enough to avoid the potential for DC traffic to cut into your photo time.

3. Schedule your photo shoot for a different day. With the popularity of trash the dress/rock the dress photo sessions, after wedding photo shoots are increasingly popular. Many couples report feeling more relaxed and carefree after the pressures of the wedding day are finally over. Without the rush of the actual wedding day and all of the guests waiting on the couple's arrival at the reception, you can take your time and enjoy the photo session even more.

Photos provided courtesy of Ron Jones,

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