Sunday, August 17, 2008

50 Years x 2

While we love to do weddings here and watch as our newly married couples embark on their future of love and happiness, I personally appreciate the opportunity to see what comes next.

One time, I had worked with a bride that later referred me to her friend. In all of the discussions with the friend, the original bride must not have come up too much in conversation. On the day of the friends wedding, I kept anxiously waiting to see Jackie and catch up with her and thank her properly for referring me but as the guests arrived for the reception, she was not among them. Finally, as the guests were preparing to be seated in the ballroom, Jackie showed up with her husband, 8 months pregnant and apologetic that she was running late but that "Baby" needed a little snack along the way from the church.

Among my favorite events to work with are the anniversary celebrations. I recall one couple celebrating their 35th with a vow renewal ceremony followed by a reception. The husband and wife decided to enter the ceremony from separate doors on opposite sides of the room and walk towards one another, meeting in the middle before walking down the aisle to the front. I was with the wife as she entered so I could only observe the back of her as she crossed the room but what I will never forget was the expression of joy that her husband had when he first caught sight of his wife entering through the doorway. He smiled the biggest smile that light not only his whole face but the whole room and opened his arms wide to embrace her.

This summer, I've had the opportunity to work with not one, but two 50th anniversaries. It is truly amazing to be in the presence of these couples who have weathered the ups and downs that life brings and are still so much in love. What I especially observed was the way each partner seemed to be so completely in synch with the other - knowing their likes and dislikes, the way their thoughts pattern themselves and even communicating without speaking.

Mrs. Condes brought her original wedding dress as a display for the dining room and the guests were serenaded by mariachis while they ate. Unfortunately, I do not have photos from this heartwarming occasion because of a technology glitch (user error?!) I can tell you that afterwards, I asked Mrs. Condes what makes a marriage last 50 years and she told me that you must give every day. Words to live by!

This is a photo of the Barth family guest book. They had a lovely luncheon for their family.

Their grand daughter created this lovely photo collage highlighting wedding photos and their time as a couple throughout the past 50 years. We displayed it on our easel outside the entrance to the dining room.

These lovely flowers in yellow, orange and white were the centerpieces with bud vases for each guest as a favor. It made the room so bright and cheery - perfect to celebrate a 50th anniversary!

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