Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tim and Brittany - all in the Hilton Family: July 26, 2008

Tim has long been a favorite at our front desk for his easy going, friendly nature and his willingness to help out no matter what the task is. I first met his girlfriend Brittany two years ago at the Employee Holiday Party and was struck with how adorable and sweet she was.

Sometime during the next year, Brittany joined our Hilton team and her friendliness made a warm welcome for all of guests.

On the night of our holiday party in 2007, Tim was planning to surprise Brittany with a proposal. The entire room was buzzing with anticipation and I was ready with the camera to catch the moment. Unfortunately, due to my lack of technical expertise and a failing battery, none of those pictures survived the event. However, what did survive was Brittany's acceptance of Tim's proposal and the whole hotel celebrated!

You can check out more of their planning bio here:
Tim and Brittany

Meanwhile, although the wedding and reception were held elsewhere, Brittany and the bridesmaids did have the opportunity for a photo session in our upstairs garden.

Unfortunately, Brittany has moved on to a position outside the company but Tim has been busy not only at the front desk but also completing an internship rotation throughout the entire hotel. Look for him on your next visit!

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