Sunday, August 17, 2008

Helpful Facts and Figures: Part 3 - Table and Dance Floor Shapes & Sizes

I am frequently asked questions such as "How large are the tables?", "What size is the dance floor?", and "How many people sit at each table?" These questions are difficult to answer in a general way because each party is different and as the event planner, you get to make decisions that affect the outcome. Here are some tips to get you started!

We have two sizes of round dinner tables. The 5' round seats 8 - 10 guests and the 6' round seats 10 - 12 guests. Feel free to mix and match table sizes based on the individual groupings for your guests. I generally recommend that you start each table at 10 guests and increase or decrease seats based on how your guests naturally divide into groupings. As you can see from the photos, the tables don't look all that different from one another and most guests will never realize if you use two sizes.

This diagram shows the two different sizes of tables set for differing numbers of guests. Of course, you may have uneven numbers as well. Feel free to have groups of 9, 11, etc.
The diagram also shows several other types of tables available to you for your reception. A table that is a 6' x 30" rectangle is great for place cards, gifts, your DJ, and we group a number of them together to make a head table.

A head table for just the bride and groom is called a sweetheart table.

Other table types include the serpentine and the half moon. A serpentine can be used to make a large cake table with something behind it such as plants and lattice panels or a carving station with your carver behind it. A half moon makes a nice smaller cake table or small display table.

The dance floor that we have is hard wood and made up of 3' x 3' square tiles. It can be assembled in a variety of sizes including squares and rectangles and placed in several different locations in the room. The edge pieces finish the look.

Here are several diagrams for the Providence Ballroom featuring the dance floor in different locations. The exact placement of all tables and dance floor is up to you. Please note that each event will get it's own custom floor plan.

Below are several options featuring the Prosperity Ballroom.

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